Amun | US Senate 2020

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The Issues

The issues that Amun will champion are (a) improving and diversifying the agricultural industry and economies, (b) a living wage for all, (c) women's rights, (d) medicare for all, (e) support and resources for veterans, (f) fighting for educators, (g) fighting for nurses, (h) supporting initiatives related to renewable energy sources and applications, (i) protecting the environment and ecosystems, (j) prison reform, (k) legalization of marijuana and record expungement, (l) combating climate change and pollution, (m) income and wealth inequality, (n) free/debt-free college tuition, (o) racial and economic justice, (p) a balanced approach to immigration, (h) affordable housing, (i) women's rights, (j) LGBT equality, (k) statehood for US territories, (l) supporting historically black colleges and universities, (m) fighting for the rights and humanity of native americans and native hawaiians, (n) improving rural economies, (o) reducing the national debt, (p) increasing the GDP for Georgia and the US, (q) modifying K-12 education.


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